041 – A Fistful Of Doctors

“The Doc’s ALIVE!  He’s in the in old west but he’s alive!” -Martin McFly.

This week we strap on our shiniest spurs, saddle up and go with the Doctor to the final frontier land (remembering to think 4th dimensionally of course because when we hit 88, those Indians won’t even be there).  This week we are joined by an all-star cast of Matt, Gabe, Dave, and Scott for “A Town Called Mercy”.

The music this episode was “The Magnificent Seven (Theme)” by Elmer Bernstein, and “Blazing Saddles” by Frankie Laine.

For our Who Tube this week we are graced by the wonderful TardisGirlFrance and her vast collection of Doctor Who clips new and old in “Doctor Who – 45 Years in the Tardis.”

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