038 – Now in Glorious Standard Definition

Hold the presses and stop the phones, it’s an Arrow of Time first! This week we put the “multi” in multimedia! We wanted our review of the latest Who game, The Eternity Clock, to take the form of a playthrough, and a video podcast is the stunning result! The actual game is less than stunning, however. Since this is new for us we hope it doesn’t overload any pods upon which it has been cast, and appreciate any feedback in case we attempt a video again.

If you are now in need of an emergency injection of high-def, Dr. WhoTube will supply 30 cc’s of “Doctor Who – The Destroyer Of Worlds (HD)” by tjcrazy: http://youtu.be/eF957MVXgSI

The vortex animation in the opening titles was created by YouTube user thomasjt017, and can be found here: http://youtu.be/QgA10wXkxbM

And of course, Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock is available for download on the PlayStation Network and other things, probably. Not that we’d recommend it.

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