Doctor Who and The Goblet Of Fear Her

I’m going to talk a lot about the episode “Fear Her”, if you haven’t seen it, you may want to look away because I will attempt to spoil EVERYTHING for you!!

So today marks the beginning of the 2012 Olympics which means there will be the ceremony of lighting the goblet.  Who knows who it will be this time, well if you are a whovian you already know.  Fortunately for mankind, the Doctor lit up the goblet for the 2012 Olympics in London to help a little lost alien called an Isolus launch back into space in it’s pod and find it’s family.

The Doctor was able to do all this before everyone in the world became a little kid’s drawing, the Doctor even became one himself, but then was freed before RTD got ahold  of the child drawing version and made a not to scale production of it, (sorry little kid who won the design a monster for Love and Monsters contest. [Although in defense of RTD maybe the original concept that the child drew wouldn’t have worked and he had to scale it down for the episode. <Ah who am I kidding?  That’s how it works, welcome to Hollywood kid, well at least British Hollywood.  {In Cardiff.}>])

That was a lot of things to put in parenthesis, I think I illegally used symbols to keep going on textual tangents.    Anyway, today marks a fun and exciting day for all and if the 10th Doctor is there lighting up the Goblet of Fire I will be giddy, if not, that just means he failed and we shall hope to get used to our new lives as children’s drawings.

Or possibly a third choice which is the fact that it is all just a show so I should really just relax…

Oh who am I kidding?  I’m a big nerdy fan, I have no choice to take everything distressingly seriously.

Happy Olympics Day everyone!!!


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