Doctor Who And The Fandom Menace

Ok so that’s not completely how the episode naming really works, and this has nothing really to do with the Phantom Tollbooth, but hey why not, it’s an idea right?  Get on itJ.J. Abrams!  That’s who’s writing the show these days right?  I really wouldn’t know, it’s been so long and I’ve been seriously low on my Doctor dosage, that’s I’ve been trying to get my fill from shadier less official back alley sources.  I know, I’m a bit of a fiend, but either way here is some of what I’ve found that you out there have been coming up with.  Thank you, and enjoy!


Remember that one Peanuts special where Charlie Brown attempted to wipeout the entire beagle species?


So are Bill and Ted in the time vortex?  Or did The Doctor and Rose end up in the circuits of time?



The Captain Jacks- Oh to be a fly on the wall of that conversation…..  “Where’s the rum gone?”     “What’s that about my bum?”       “I want to punch everyone in the face!”


“Wait a second Doc, you’re telling me that you built a tiiiime machine out of Police Box?”


Doc-tor Whooooooo-ooooooooo!


It doesn’t work on wood, but how about Azkaban imprisonment worthy curses?


COUSIN!  Come let us go traveling through all of space and time!  Not now?!  Maybe some other time then?  Ha ha cousin, see what it is I have done there?


Oh come on Pixar, you know you want to!


I kind of love Animal as Colin Baker, and of course Rizzo the 9th Doctor is having none of it.  I just wonder where Statler and Waldorf would fit into this.


Ahh another Doctor Who Christmas special.  How could this go terribly wrong?


Here is an actual panel from an actual Buffy The Vampire Slayer comic.  I think Joss Whedon and Russell T. Davies are flirting.


For some reason Captain Jack’s death grip cling to the Tardis through vortex doesn’t seem that impressive anymore…


Wait, then who’s accompanying Luke???


Every Doctor in Whoville liked specials a lot…


Well everyone thanks for checking in, and a huge thank you to all the fans out there making all this great stuff!  Things like this make these obscene Series gaps less uh gap-ful.  Thank you for all you do and keep up all that quirky, creative work and we’ll continue to enjoy it.  Until next time!!!!!

-AOT Matt


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