036 – Fraser McAlpine, Please Don’t Kill Us

Fraser McAlpine

This week we invite the wrath of one Mr. Fraser McAlpine!  (Help.)

I think it’s safe to post a WhoTube, so here’s Nancy Blackett’s “Doctor Who: Moving Right Along” (eek he saw us): http://youtu.be/mo6QeBmXn18

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5 Responses to 036 – Fraser McAlpine, Please Don’t Kill Us

  1. Fraser McAlpine says:


    Well this is a startling way to begin a day. An hour and a half long podcast about my name (with perhaps a little Doctor Who in there from time to time). For the record, it’s pronounced “Frazer” with a sharp z, like lazer, eraser and so on. It’s also pronounced “Frazer” like “Frazer Hines” who played Jamie, the Second Doctor’s companion. My mum and dad got the idea for the name from him. Which makes me officially more Whovian than you, or something.

    You may also like to know that the first king of Scotland was called Kenneth McAlpin (not that I’m claiming direct lineage, there are thousands of McAlpines in Scotland, and I don’t live there), so you’ll just have to take Scotland’s word for it that it’s the valid name of a real person…with real feelings…*sobs*

    To answer your question about fanvids, the truth is there are no resources for me, as a freelance writer, to get videos made. It’s just one of those surprisingly-common moments where “you would think” reality and reality itself part ways. I trawl YouTube for relevent fanvids because they’re there to illustrate the lists we do, and sometimes, as in the Reinette example, there isn’t a clip (that I could find). Then there’s the Waters of Mars situation, where again there isn’t a perfect clip, but there’s one which sort of gets the point across, but not quite. I did explain why that moment was chosen in the text underneath, and I think for the reasons stated, Adelaide’s death is worthy of consideration.

    Glad you like the picture. You really don’t want to see one of me looking friendly.

    lots of love


    • Joseph says:

      Ah, it all makes sense now. Thanks for listening, and putting up with our tomfoolery!

    • David says:

      Sir, you are quite a gentleman. Thank you for responding to our silliness in such a kind way. Oh, and thank you for not killing us!
      Honestly, thank you for your good humor. Now i understand the oddness of the fanvids. Good day to you!

  2. daves's weird coworker says:

    Well said sir, you are a consummate wordsmith.

  3. Matt says:

    Wow we are truly humbled, thank you for writing in! Just so you know I will no longer besmirch the great name of Fraser McAlpine. Now FRAISER McAlpine on the other hand, that guy is toast!

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