035 – Serious Series Seven Speculation

No more fooling around, we’re back to chattin’ ’bout the Who. This here episode is one of those what-it-says-on-the-tin types. You didn’t really think I was going to come up with a more clever title? And give up all of that wonderful alliteration? In case you are not yet familiar with the series seven trailer, mash this jumble of symbols to access it: http://youtu.be/P8YLb4Z4jU0, then tune your audio machine to our latest podcast!

If you’re tiring of these bothersome things called “words,” check out this week’s WhoTube, a Ninth/Tenth/Eleventh Doctor mash-up with a twist by AceTrax2007: http://youtu.be/vpzYLdTqGGc

Musical breaks this week are the theme to Dave Allen at Large and “Swing Over” by Barbara Moore. If you can tell me what these two songs have in common, I’ll whip up a prize for you. Maybe a Donna Noble action figure or something.

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