033 – The Whole Thing is a WhoTube

Never fear, dear listeners, we haven’t forgotten about you! Between life happening and a decided lack of Doctor Who we needed some kind of inspiration for the podcast. Matt eventually hit upon just the thing by centering an entire episode around our “wildly popular” WhoTube segment! A two or three minute video would hardly suffice, so we called up the hearty three part “The Ten Doctors” (starting with part one here: http://youtu.be/_nCb3y4J850) by podcast favorite Babelcolour. We also cover a bit of Who news which is “wildly outdated,” just without the sarcastic quotes.

This week’s episode of Doctor Who is “The Celestial Toymaker” by the BBC, so check it out at http://youtu.be/cOLF5fOhq0g

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4 Responses to 033 – The Whole Thing is a WhoTube

  1. Babelcolour says:

    I’m really grateful to you guys. You’re consistently supportive and complimentary about the work, and that doesn’t go unappreciated! You also make me laugh, which is a double bonus. Thank you so much for taking such an active interest and being so positive about it all. It’s a pleasure to hear your podcasts and very satisfying to know you’ve enjoyed some of the videos :)

  2. Claudia says:

    did you know that there is a new companion for the doctor, her name is Jenna-Louise Coleman, although I don’t know what her character name is.
    I’m super excited!

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