031 – Podcasty Wodcasty

Put on your podcast helmet and hunker down as we haul out the big guns for “The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe.” Not three, not five, but four people delve into the Doctor Who Christmas special, including the previously-featured Dave and the not-previously-featured Scott! We make obscure (to me) references and unearth some deep (for us) meaning hiding in this latest episode. We also go off on more tangents than a trigonometry test, so grab a No. 2 pencil and be sure to completely fill in the bubble!

Those taking the WhoTube portion of the exam should brush up on “All I Want For Christmas Is Doctor Who” by DoctorDoggmatic: http://youtu.be/FiK-QOSlkZE

If you need extra credit, look into these songs featured on the podcast:
Murray Gold – “I am the Doctor” (Piano) (http://youtu.be/LKrt5IVXQ7k)
Negativland – “Favorite Things”
Bill Bailey – “Doctor Qui

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