027 – Baby Bottle Episode

For better or worse we try something a little different this week. No, not recording while sober, opening with a skit! After that it’s business as usual, i.e. talking about a Doctor Who episode that aired weeks ago. I hope you’ve found a friend, because it’s “Closing Time,” and the hapless lodger Craig is back for shenanigans with the Doctor.

Here, Matt wanted you to have this WhoTube from Babelcolour. It’s called Doctor Who Tribute: What About Everything: http://youtu.be/ceoV-YLAs4E

You will never guess what song we used this week. Now finish your whiskey or beer.

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One Response to 027 – Baby Bottle Episode

  1. Babelcolour says:

    The Justin Bieber of Youtube? Gosh! Thanks guys :)

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