026 – The Complex Degrees of the Van Helsing Key

You know, the hardest part of podcasting isn’t the recording or the editing, it’s writing this description. Right here. It’s taken me what seems like forever. So while those other podcasts just slap up introductory text willy-nilly, we here at the Arrow of Time prefer a slow and steady approach, even if it means being… two weeks behind!? Okay, that’s a bit excessive even for us. No more rambling. Dave returns once again this week as we dissect “The God Complex” far more than it is dissectable, probably.

Matt was greedy this week and submitted two WhoTube videos, that rapscallion. In no particular order they are “Doctor Who (Fan Made Tribute) Hurricane” at http://youtu.be/Lzh9qZR85og and “Doctor Dumb 5: Worst Cliffhanger EVER” at http://youtu.be/bfRsCciTxXc.

Finally, we have a very special musical intermission this week. Wait, no we don’t, I just sort of randomly chose “Coffee Break” by the UbseyMovies guys: http://youtu.be/gZoAEA-aipM.

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