020 – The Triple Threat

We go on our own little journey through time and space this “week” (sorry, the bit at the bar is kind of noisy) as we rapid-fire the past three episodes in an attempt to keep up with the Joneses. No wait, that was the third series. At any rate, you get “Day of the Moon,” “The Curse of the Black Spot,” and “The Doctor’s Wife” all in one convenient package. Talk about value! Now it’s link time.

Be sure to check out the Blue Peter contest winner’s TARDIS console, as well as some of the runners-up.

WhoTube this week goes to this video edited to some sort of Katy Perry song!

Music used in the breaks comes from DoctorOctoroc’s SNES Style Doctor Who Intro and somewhere else. Spoilers!

And lastly, the cleverly used sound effect is courtesy of club sound over at The Freesound Project.

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