End Of Time 3: Booze Control

Hello everyone.  So the research has been done, the episodes have been watched, and only one thing remains…beer.  As you are all well aware the main thing that fuels our Who-rants is an alcoholic beverage.  We really want to do our RTD episode right by drinking Stone’s Lucky Basartd.  That’s no typo kids, there is actually a delicious beer that not only plays off of the term “Lucky Bastard” but also features Russell T. Davies’ intials as well.  And I mean come on who isn’t a luckier bastard than RTD?  Unfortunately the popularity of this beverage is making it hard to obtain and thus do a podcast with it.  But don’t worry we shall come together, join forces, and either find this beverage or….just settle.  Either way we’ll get something out here soon.  Till next time, sorry for all the offensive language!


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