014 – Serious Series Six Speculation

On a whim we decided to do a scene-by-scene breakdown of the promo from the end of “A Christmas Carol,” and this is the result. Herein all the secrets of the next series will be laid bare, as our predictions are naught but perfect! For certain values of “perfect,” at any rate.

For those visual learners in the audience, here’s a link to the series six teaser.  Try to follow along with us, if you’re feeling ambitious!

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2 Responses to 014 – Serious Series Six Speculation

  1. I’ll have to go back and watch this video. Because while parts seem familiar, others I’m not placing in the first half of the series. In particular I don’t remember Nazis, but considering the fall half of the series begins with Let’s Kill Hitler, this preview may have gone quite forward.

    Worth noting the Doctor has been to the Old West at least once. The First Doctor got mixed up in the events preceding the OK Corral gunfight. Also got a tooth removed by Doc Holliday with a particularly memorable pained look on his face.

  2. Yeah, watching it now there’s definitely stuff not seen yet. Nazis, doll people, the three musketeers or whatever at the beginning.

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