013 – A Christmas Carol

No clever title this week, we actually made a podcast about a new episode of Doctor Who! This is by far our single most relevant episode yet!  I’m practically giddy, so instead of reading anymore, just go on and listen to our surprisingly on-time review of “A Christmas Carol.”

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3 Responses to 013 – A Christmas Carol

  1. eventyraren says:

    the story take plase at least the year 4498. on the portret of Kazran father it say that he dayd 4478 and the Doctor say that he has been dead fore 20 years, I dont know how the doctor knows that but I think it is o´bies when it tales plase

  2. eventyraren says:

    another thing. I think that Kazran´s father, seing his son to be goon, fixed the controles so it didnt worked on him. he was stiull evil after al his father I mean.

  3. As a time travel fan, this is one of those episodes that makes me feel privileged to be watching while Moffat is in control. A lot of standalone time travel books and movies don’t use it as cleverly as this episode.

    I don’t think the controls-don’t-recognize-him thing is the flaw you think it is. Does the entire timeline change? Yes. But remember, even after the Doctor’s intervention in Kazran’s past he still became a bitter asshole, so the machine was programmed to accept the bitter asshole. So bitter asshole Kazran continued to be able t use it until the Doctor showed up again in his life as an old man, dredged up his distant past, and convinced him to not be such a bitter asshole. At which point he lost the ability to use the machine.

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