007 – License to Blink

In this bit-too-long, bit-too-late edition of the Arrow of Time we delve deep into the Moffatty goodness that is “Blink.” In hindsight, the episode really should have been called “Don’t Blink.”  And don’t you dare blink and miss an exciting second of this podcast!  Wait, what?

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2 Responses to 007 – License to Blink

  1. Des Moines is a good example. In Spinal Tap there’s even a phone conversation we hear one side of that goes like

    “Dess Moyns. … I don’t know, it’s in Indiana or something.”

  2. Another thought I had about those “Doctor lite” episodes. Along with the modern show, I’ve also been slowly going through the whole Hartnell era, and occasionally there would be a week without the Doctor. Since they recorded each episode on a given week, if someone was on a vacation or whatever, they’d just have to not include them in that episode. Luckily half the show back then was the Doctor and his companions accidentally getting split up, so if there was a week that focused solely on one party, it didn’t interrupt the story to have other major characters not appearing.

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