002 – Series the Fifth

This week on Arrow of Time we cover the fifth series/season of Doctor Who, careening madly through the episodes in order to keep this thing under our self-imposed time limit while generally getting sillier along the way. Throw in a few edits “expertly” covered with musical breaks and you have what sounds like a real podcast! Frankly, we’re setting a dangerous precedent by having a timely followup to our pilot episode. Will a weekly schedule be the key to our undoing? Stay tuned!

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  1. Hey guys. New listener who learned of the show through shared listening of IDKIYKT along with Joseph. Sooo I’m responding to stuff you talked about more than half a year ago. But oh well, as this is kind of an issue that doesn’t go away with Doctor Who. That is, should the Doctor feel sad about regenerating?

    First, I agree that Ten’s pre-regeneration dragged on a bit long–over the course of a year, really. BUT I don’t think it’s wrong of Ten to think of it as a death of sorts. We all go through changes in looks, preferences, attitude, and actions in life, but usually these things happen slowly over the course of many years. The exception would be where people have had sudden brain damage influencing their personality, and in those cases we do tend to consider it a Pretty Big Deal. If the Doctor knows he likes who he is, and he’s going to go through an immediate transformation where he may not like the same things he now likes, or do the same things he now does, of course he’s going to regret the necessity of it. On those rare occasions when multiple Doctors meet up, we know they’re not always loving what they see of heavily altered versions of themselves.

    Hell, even on a much smaller scale, Sleeping Josh and Awake Josh hate to give up their way of being to the other one, even if only for a few hours at a time.

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