Martha and The Doctor

I recently delved into the world of Doctor Who series 3.  I did this by way of a song from the soundtrack on YouTube, a very basic song video with a still frame of the album cover with the music playing.  For some reason listening to the beautiful song “This is Gallifrey-Our Childhood, Our Home” by the talented Murray Gold, and seeing that picture of The Doctor running from a blast with a very concerned looking Martha behind him.  This I feel more or less sums up their relationship, The Doctor always focused on something else, he still is protective and caring for Martha but after Rose, she is still in the background always trying to catch up.  That is what always bothered me about series 3 because we just left this great chemistry between Rose and The Doctor, and the separation of them was, in my opinion, heart wrenching (I literally teared up, and I haven’t done that since The Green Mile).  In some ways I feel we needed that, so it wasn’t just a cold break from Rose and on to the next companion, and let’s face it Rose was more than just a regular companion, she not only started the relaunch of Doctor Who, but she bridged the gap between the first two Doctors, there not only is a lot of history with Rose and The Doctor, but the viewers as well we all needed some time to get over her and The Doctor did that for us.  In the mean time we were getting to know a great new companion, unfortunately it was someone who no matter how great she was would always fall short and not be completely recognized by The Doctor until it was too late, and she was gone.  In other words it was be like this….

In past relationships I’ve had there was a similar situation.  There was the girl I really cared for and loved, we had a wonderful time together for the time being but it ended up tragically.  Martha Jones would be the rebound girl who was awesome but never took too to seriously cause I was hung up on the last girl.  Then once I realize how amazing the rebound girl actually is and I figure I can have a relationship with her she has left because she has had enough of my shenanigans.

In reality she is definitely one of my favorites and I would be so bold to say that series 3, in my opinion, is the best series of the David Tennant era.  Martha had an amazing first episode that I feel is a perfect episode for introducing people to the show for the first time.  Then after that a historical piece with Shakespeare, then a funny and revealing “Gridlock”, followed by a kind of mediocre Dalek 2 parter then another amazing “Lazarus Experiment” where the family relationships really start to heat up and The Doctor accepts Martha for his new official companion, nice timing too since it’s like halfway through the series by now.  The end of the series has another great finale which is a three parter introducing The Master, it’s just great television!!!

So here’s to you Martha Jones, thank you for being simply brilliant!

Here is a link to the video that inspired this rambling.

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