105 – Don’t Think (Don’t Even Think)

Wham!, that was doosey of a Christmas Special. On one hand, Moffat gives you his heart by bringing the Doctor and Clara closer together. Then, he takes it away by kinda regurgitating tired and unoriginal ideas. Kind of like this blog post is doing right now. Once bitten, twice shy! But you’re not here to read, so climb aboard Santa’s sleigh and come along with Matt, Joseph and Gabe as we revisit “Last Christmas.”

Does Matt have a WhoTube? Of course, it is “Crying When You Are Happy” from Miden Prod: http://youtu.be/_QiUONWeFac

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104.5 – A Very English Christmas

In this very Holiday Special episode of The Arrow of Time and a half, Matt has an international conversation with returning guest and all around fantastic resident of England, Claudine!  They talk about what makes English and American Christmas traditions so great, and how it relates to Doctor Who.  We dive much deeper than just merely leaving biscuits for Father Christmas rather than cookies.  We also gab about some of our favorite Doctor Who Christmas specials!  If you like Doctor Who, Christmas, and British Culture, then this is the podcast for you!

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If you like our theme song, course you do, you can check out more by the folks who wrote it, Legs Nose Robinson, at https://www.youtube.com/user/legsnoserobinson

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104 – The Girl Who Stayed?

We’ve put the end of Series 8 and our 100th episode in our metaphorical rearview mirror, and we’re barreling toward “Last Christmas” and Series 9! Or, slowly starting to ramp up speculation, at any rate. So let us take you on a short ride, but it is sure to be elemental and iconic!

This week’s WhoTube is not a WhoTube at all. It is a VortexVimeo called “Doctor Express” made by our very own Matt! http://vimeo.com/34108234

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100.5 – Trock Talk With Legs Nose Robinson

On this monumental Time and a Half, Matt and Dave talk with the acclaimed Trock band and composers of the new Arrow of Time theme song, Legs Nose Robinson!  They discuss Trock music, Whovians, their various music styles, and their recent recognition from Anglophenia and The Nerdist.  Among other exciting things!  Now get ready to TROCK OUT with The Arrow Of Time and Legs Nose Robinson!

Be sure to download Legs Nose Robinson’s EP The Oncoming Storm for FREE at: http://www.reverbnation.com/legsnoserobinson

You can watch their videos on YouTube at: http://www.youtube.com/user/legsnoserobinson

And you can LIKE them on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/legsnoserobinson

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100 – 100th Episode Extravaganza!

On this monumental episode of the Arrow of Time, we celebrate 100 episodes (and some change) of talking about Doctor Who!  We tell you how it all started, our favorite episodes and much much, much more.  To add to the fun we officially unveil our new theme song written by the superstar Trock band, Legs Nose Robinson!  So get your tour brochures ready as Matt, Joseph, Gabe, and Dave take you on a trip down memory lane, maybe even with a few surprises!

Our WhoTube for this episode is the latest by Legs Nose Robinson, a Trock parody called “Hey Missy” – http://youtu.be/n8dyaN4yW_0

Also, you can check out Legs Nose Robinson here: http://www.reverbnation.com/legsnoserobinson

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103.5 – Magic Science Water


Hey everyone, The Arrow of Time and a Half is back! Also, so is Kelley! Matt and Kelley Skype it up as they dig deeper into the series 8 finale, as well as series 8 in general.  One thing is for sure about digging, the deeper you dig, the bigger holes you uncover, and plenty of holes will be revealed!

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103 – Cybering Danny Pink

This week on the Arrow of Time we do a stumble through (literally) of the Doctor Who series 8 finale, “Death In Heaven.”  To make this grand finale more grand we decided to double the amount of people on the podcast to a whopping eight!  Join Joseph, Matt, Gabe and Dave, as they are joined by Kirby, Conrad, Sean, and the ever delightful Ivan.  Was breaking their four person limit a mistake?  …Or the BEST decision ever!!!  You decide!

For your WhoTube pleasure, check out K9HumpsMyLeg’s endearing send up to the end of the series, “Doctor Who – Death In Heaven/Dark Water – Born To Die” –  http://youtu.be/BMDcWfaB57E

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