148 – The Lonely Ex-Assassins of Punjab

Hey everyone!  That’s right we’re back once again with another podcast!  This time we’re talking about a tear-jerking episode, “The Demons of Punjab,” once again featuring some misunderstood not-so-monsters of the week.  Listen as we try to recount all the greatest moments of the episode, draw parallels with the world of today, and try to guess where the series will continue to go from here.

For your WhoTube pleasure be sure to check out the latest and greatest called Thirteenth Doctor: We Can Evolve by user Grindewaldxedits

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147 – The Tsunami Condominium

“The TREsemme Conditioner?”  “The Tyrion Canister?”  I don’t know, one of those may or may not be correct.  But one thing sure is, we recorded another episode about Doctor Who, and here it is!  Right back to our night schedule shenanigans!  So watch out for those sonic bombs we’ll be dropping all through the show, curl up in your coolest Doctor Who wear, and guzzle some podcast juice because The Arrow of Time is underway!  Not to be confused with Arrows of Time, oh you’ll see… or rather hear.

Don’t get ejected from your starship without checking out this delightful WhoTube fan creation called Thirteenth Doctor: Walk by user Jula Misiak.

(Yes, we know it’s “The Tsuranga Conundrum.” Probably.)

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146 – The Giant Spider Invasion

I’m one of those people who likes memes promising to burn down the house when one sees a black widow spider. So, I was understandably anxious when they announced “Arachnids in the UK.” In the end, this fear would be surpassed by the only thing I hate more than spiders: rich American men who like building hotels and have plans to run for president. Can our group of friends overcome these odds and save the day? My spidey sense says yes! Also, spoilers, I’ve seen the episode, as should have you if you’re listening to podcasts about it!

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145 – A Rosa By Any Other Name

It’s been a while since Doctor Who meant something beyond how clever the show runner could be (or thought they were). And certainly we’ve encountered historical figures before, but perhaps none so influential as Rosa Parks.  The most recent episode “Rosa” might be from our friends across the pond, but they leave no doubt that she changed the world… and beyond. Forgive us if we eschew some of our usual jokey times fun – even The Arrow of Time can be serious, especially when an episode set in the past all too clearly highlights the issues of today.

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144 – The Doctor and the Deathly Rags

It’s once again time for another podcast from the gents at The Arrow of Time.  This week we talk about the 2nd episode of series 11 “The Ghost Monument,” aka “Space Race,” aka “Another Forbidden Planet.”  Who will win the cup in the tournament of podcasting?  Spoilers: it’s all of us because equal winnings.

Speaking of equal winnings, you’ll be rich with fandom once you check out “Born Again” (The Road to the Thirteenth) by Sunny Vids

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143 – The Woman Who Lit Up Our Legally Acquired Content

The Arrow of Time is back once again to talk about some Who!  All the new Who content you can handle, which right now is exactly one episode.  We discuss the fabulous Jodie Whittaker and her take on Doc number 13, we also compare the new show runner Chibnall to his predecessors as well as delight in and of course criticize elements of his newly acquired show.  Don’t worry, Chibnall would totally be down with dishing out criticism.

For this week’s WhoTube we are spotlighting Screen Junkies  Honest Trailers – Doctor Who (Modern) with their send up of the Doctor Who modern era.


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142 – The Arrow of Time’s Foolish ChrEaster Special!

Hello Arrow of Timers!  Is anyone there?  We didn’t lose you did we?  Well either way, welcome to our Foolish ChrEaster (pronounced cree-ster) special.  Basically it’s the Christmas special that we recorded 3 months ago but we’re just releasing it now on Easter, which happens to also be April Fool’s Day.  So we’re getting a bunch of holidays out in one go.  Speaking of going, we need to get more podcasts going so we can be a proper podcast again!  In the meantime, enjoy this one!

Also you can enjoy this WhoTube by user Lonely Pencil called “Time Lords in Winter”https://youtu.be/ejDaSwA5jnE

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