120 – A Nightmare on Trap Street


Well, it’s that time again. The air is crisp, the leaves have changed, variations of turkey are being served, and we end the run of another companion… or do we!?  It’s hard to say… or is it!?  One thing is for sure, Joseph, Matt, and Gabe aren’t buying into the hype just yet as they pick apart Face The Raven.”  So listen to The Arrow of Time sift through this episode as some might ravage through the stuffing from their Tofurky, or Turducken, or their Toduckahedron (that’s a chicken-duck-turkey with 12 faces made of tofu).

Be sure to get your full serving of WhoTube with “The Doctor & Clara Oswald ‘I Keep Coming Back For More‘” by YouTube user KatnissWinchester: http://youtu.be/V3GnIe3GWig

Also enjoy the break music fresh off of the newest They Might Be Giants album Why?

If you enjoyed our theme song, be sure to check out the band who created it, Legs Nose Robinson at: http://www.legsnoserobinson.com/

As well as our network, Musings of a Geekat: http://www.musingsofageek.com/

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119 – Eat My Dust

The general idea of a scary movie/show/book/billboard is that the premise is so frightening it keeps you up at night. It’s even right in the title of this week’s Doctor Who snooze scare-fest: “Sleep No More.” However, the actual moral of the episode is that you should sleep. Quite a lot, actually. To the point that sleep is really the oldest thing. The most important thing. Basically, it is the very thing that makes us human. As you may infer from my attempted sarcasm, this wasn’t a favorite of ours. You might say at least one of us really didn’t care for it at all. If you want to know who, you’re just going to have to listen!

For this week’s WhoTube, Matt found “Doctor Who: Next Stop Everywhere” by user VERITASERUMUK: http://youtu.be/62kn1fNuu28

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118 – Osgood That Ends Good

We’ve all been annoyed by the screaming child in a restaurant when you just want to enjoy your lasagna in peace and they wont stop running around your table. For the Doctor, Zygons are that child. As well as humans, Sontarans, Atraxi, etc. And of course, screaming babies. On this week’s podcast, Matt, Joseph, Gabe, and the newly arrived Susan critique the Doctor’s disciplinary skills in “The Zygon Inversion.”

For this week’s WhoTube Matt chose a feisty not suitable for work video full of swears from The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre entitled “Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who”: http://youtu.be/vfayr0Me8fU

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117 – Zygon in Sixty Seconds

I wrote this script suggestion and lovingly wrapped it around a brick. Apparently, my prayers were answered, so we now toss this brick of an episode gently through the window of your hearts. Witness the Doctor’s midlife crisis, only short a brand new convertible. Roll your eyes with glee as we discuss the lamest soldiers ever portrayed on screen. Bite your nails to the new improved Clara. And watch your step as giant electric tribbles abound. All this and two other things, in the most exciting Arrow of Time episode this week. And if you feel there just aren’t enough Zygons in “The Zygon Invasion,” the good news is that there is a part two on the way!

This week on Too Many Books, Dave discusses The White Deer by James Thurber.

And believe it or not, Matt has a WhoTube, “Doctor Who | Read My Mind | Amy/Rory” by purplefringe vids: http://youtu.be/8uJfBqbWcY0

Unfortunately, there are more Zygons than you think.

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116 – Despicable Me

It's-a Lady Me!It’s a fact: purple is the color of death. Ron Perlman impersonators can’t be trusted. Kenny Baker never portrayed a Dalek. Breathing fire does not actually advance the plot. Learn these and other uninteresting facts as we delve shallowly into “Ye Girl in Ye Fireplace” “The Woman Who Lived.” Will Maisie Williams give up her lucrative career in Game of Thrones to be the next companion? Will a courageous writer finally destroy the sonic sunglasses once and for all? Will Strax single-handedly save the show by showing up? No. But you may find yourself mildly entertained! Marvel at Dave’s book segment BOOOooo–k! in which we discuss misconceptions of Medieval Lives by Monty Python’s own Terry Jones. Thrill to Matt’s unexpected WhoTube “Ten and Donna Noble | Unity” by Starseeker 32 (http://youtu.be/sxhpZ8pVRiQ). And yawn slightly as we digress often like fish in the night.

This week: Not as many Rufuses as you would like.

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115 – No Ripples, No Problem

What do Vikings, South America, a police box, and the word ‘bafflegab’ have in common? Absolutely nothing! In our usual sloppy fashion we attempt to tie these disparate subjects together into an incomprehensible sandwich in much the same way that Stephen Moffat has in “The Girl Who Waited Died,” his best effort to remake the beloved “Pirate Planet.” Unfortunately for us, the brilliant Jamie Mathieson was only able to write the good parts.  Join us as we discuss corn, Game of Thrones, and electric eels in as riveting a manner as we are capable.

Included free of charge is this week’s “Book ’em, Dave-o” in which we talk about The Official Quotable Doctor Who: Wise Words from Across Space and Time.

And Matt gives us a delightful surprise with this week’s WhoTube, “Doctor Who | Pompeii | Twelfth Doctor & Clara” by purplefringe vids: http://youtu.be/uuQmOXIK1rs

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114 – Bootstrapped

Our being correct average has experienced an unexpected boost this season as at least one of our number has correctly deduced “the twist” twice in a fortnight. Has Doctor Who strayed into the realm of the predictable? Maybe! But that’s not a problem when Toby Whithouse delivers a solid conclusory episode like “Before the Flood.” Now let burst the dam of your ears so that our podcast might flow into them like so much water over a mock Russian village!

If you find yourself confronted with a wall of water, some advice comes by way of WhoTube in the form of “Run Boy Run-[Doctor Who Fanvid]” by zha xia: http://youtu.be/a8XJdm27tps

And your underwater musical respite is from FamilyJules7X: http://youtu.be/uLQdC9r3mKA

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