110 – Things on Eyes

Another trailer. Another trailer! I can’t keep up. This is clearly some scheme by the BBC to release the entire ninth season of Doctor Who before it even airs!  Nevertheless, it would be remiss of us to let slip the chance to commit our unparalleled speculation skills to the public record via the medium of podcast.

This week’s WhoTube is “12th Doctor Tribute – Echo” from user Simon / Sizmy, who might be two people(!): http://youtu.be/akSGpziKH8s

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109.5 – The Arrow of Untimeliness


Matt and Gabe gather together to call across the seas and pipe in Claudine as they celebrate 10 years of new Doctor Who, several months past the anniversary.

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109 – Serious Series Nine Speculation

That title just never gets old, does it? (This is a rhetorical question, please do not write in.) Comic-Con hit San Diego during what I will generously call “this week” and brought with it the usual assortment of pop culture icons, chief among those from our point of view being the cast of a certain British Broadcasting Corporation programme.  But they didn’t show up empty handed! Well, literally yes, but not metaphorically.  They had a Series 9 trailer with them, and we couldn’t wait to very slowly jump on the chance to pick it apart with our advanced looking-at-and-then-talking-about-things abilities. Never content to have a focused, concise episode, we also talk about the upcoming Lego Dimensions and its inclusion of the Who universe.

If you find that your WhoTubes haven’t been definitive enough lately, “The First Question” – The Definitive Edition from LastWhovianTrailers ought to ring your cloister bell: http://youtu.be/-wyF9s1_VvI

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108 – Prologue to the Master (Not the Philip Seymour Hoffman Film)


After a “brief” little over two month long “pause,” The Arrow of Time “returns” with “hosts” Matt and Dave as they “skim” over the different Masters.  Prepare to launch into The Arrow of Time‘s Master series with this thrilling introduction to one of the Doctor’s greatest nemesises!  Nemesees?  Nemisi?  Bad guys.

Get a visual walkthrough of The Master with Immortal Whovian Production’s video Doctor Who The Master Tribute

and be sure to check out the other podcasts on our network at


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107 – Olds

=If there is one thing that a podcast should do, it is certainly not record on a regular basis. If there’s a second thing it shouldn’t do, it is quickly post recorded podcasts. By those measures, we’re doing fine! So, if you don’t know last month’s Doctor Who news, this podcast is for you! Join Matt, Joseph and Gabe as they discuss and speculate about “news” and rumors not-quite-fresh from Cardiff.

Your random video for the week is “Dematerialisation – A Doctor Who VFX Shot” by the potentially pseudonymous John Smith: http://youtu.be/DNEjx6XUbfQ

And you don’t need a post-graduate degree from WhoTube U to enjoy Babelcolour’s Tribute to the Master: http://youtu.be/WeBv7Ma4M4o

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106.5 – More New to Who


In this glorious “Time and a Half” episode, Matt sits down with die hard New Who fan Kristi.  They discuss where the show is going, favorite Doctors, and the best method of trapping people into watching the current show.

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106 – The Arrow of Trivia

ucThat’s right, the Arrow of Time is back in 2015 after their over a month long hiatus.  For this episode they play “Doctor Who Trivial Pursuit,” which was gifted to them by their fellow Musings of a Geek friends at the Who the What Now?! Podcast.  Feel free to play along at home to see if you can out-trivia these four gents and claim the title of trivia victor (you probably won’t have as many distractions)!  So get your quiz cards ready for this TRIVIAL episode of the Arrow of Time!

The WhoTube this week is Doctor Who – Centuries by TheMongooseGoesMeow:

Check out Legs Nose Robinson the writers of our theme song here:

And visit The Musings of a Geek Podcast Network for more exciting podcasts:

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