094 – Don’t Even Listen

Some creatures evolve to have perfect hunting. Some get perfect defense. Here at the Arrow of Time we have evolved perfect drinking. Whilst practicing that trait we watch “Listen” and join the Doctor in wondering if anything has perfected hiding (Harry Potter seems pretty good, but that’s a different podcast). Will Steven Moffat succeed in overcoming his hackery, or will this be Season Leaf Part Two? The verdict: three out of four podcasters agree that this is an episode to experience while hiding behind your soda. I mean sofa. I mean beer.

For this week’s book thing, Dave brings us The Island of the Day Before by Umberto Eco.

Our WhoTube is “Doctor Who – Listen – Never Gonna Leave This Bed” and once again comes from K9humpsmyleg: http://youtu.be/73hq8VLRxeM

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093 – Robin Hood: Robots in Tights

Robin Hood and Little John running through the TARDIS, Oo-De-Lally, Oo-De-Lally, golly what a day!  And golly what a podcast!  The four are once again reunited to talk about “Robot of Sherwood.” The episode, not the one robot, because there were several robots.  I think that might be false advertising.  I’m not sure, but what I do know is that we spat out quite a podcast, in record time for an episode. We might as well be splitting arrows here!

The WhoTube is once again from K9HumpsMyLeg with the fantastic video wrapping up the episode called “Doctor Who – Robot Of Sherwood – Holding Out For A Hero” –

For Dave’s “Oh Book, So Book”, he recommends you pick up Parzival: Wolfram Von Eschenbach.

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092 – Honey, I Shrunk the Doctor

Have you ever wondered what a Dalek is really made of?  I mean besides hate and Nikelodeon Gak.  Well the Doctor attempts to answer that question by going “Into the Dalek,” having a full and complete break down in the process.  In the absence of Joseph and Gabe we are joined by the always entertaining team of Santiago and Sarah. So fire up those amazing shrinking machines and get your copy books ready as Moffat takes us someplace we’ve never been before, or ever really wanted to go in the first place.

Dave’s choice for our I Don’t Know What To Call This Book Segment segment is Kurt Vonnegut’s Slapstick, or Lonesome No More, which has exactly as many titles as it sounds!

The WhoTube this week is once again from Doctor Who Episology sensation K9HumpsMyLeg with “Doctor Who – Into The Dalek – Monster” – http://youtu.be/q3qiGUVJWxw

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091 – The Pander Express

Alright everyone, strap on your nightgown and brush up on your Scottish because the Doctor is back! Finally! As you’ll find, we are all excited to see what this new Doctor is made of, literally if the villains in “Deep Breath” have anything to say about it!

Today’s WhoTube is by K9HumpsMyLeg, where they compress the entire 80 minute episode into about 4 minutes in their video “Doctor Who – Deep Breath – Just Keep Breathing”: http://youtu.be/06qUR13lgrM

And in case you didn’t see the video that a little more than inspired the new title sequence, here it is… http://youtu.be/oXOBHnWiinY

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090 – Not Just Somebody in a Toga

With just days to go until we get to know the who of a new Doctor, we decide to do a temporal 180 and review a slew of historical figures from the show’s past. That’s right folks, the Arrow of Time goes both ways! (That’s what she said.) So strap in as we go back in time with such greats as Queen Elizabeth, Winston Churchill, and Richard Nixon. One of those things is not like the other!

Dave’s choice for our Choking On an Odd Purple Fluid segment is Viniq Shimmery Liqueur, which isn’t nearly as deadly as it sounds (it’s pretty deadly)!

This week’s WhoTube is “Awesome Forces (6th Doctor Tribute)” from Calapine: http://youtu.be/73nH-4J5aes

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089.5 – Merchandising, Mushy-ness, and Trivia Mania!

In this excitingly new “Time and a Half,” Kelley joins Matt one last time in San Diego before she ships off to Boston for the unforeseen future.  They discuss Capaldi’s anti-smooch stance, ridiculous merchandising, and play some Doctor Who trivia!  This sure is one for the books, if podcasts had books, which we sometimes do, but not this time.

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089 – The Shocking Thing This Doctor Said Will Shock You

We’re a man down this week, but Matt, Joseph, and Gabe tough it out and discuss, among other things, an interview Steven Moffat gave to SFX Magazine or Web Page or What Have You. Along the way, we find out why we won’t see the Doctor reliving old car commercials with Clara, give a brief update on the addictive mobile game Doctor Who Legacy, and discover the riches Matt was bestowed thanks to our fair city playing host to the madness known as San Diego Comic-Con.

Matt’s choices for our Last Comic Booking segment are Titan Comics’ Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #1 and Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #1, which weren’t nearly as easy to cram into this sentence as usual!

K9HumpsMyLeg graces WhoTube once again this week with “Doctor Who – The Angels Take Manhattan – New York” – http://youtu.be/snxOspn2n-Y

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