083 – A Sloth Pool Refrain

We can hardly believe it’s been nine years since the Ninth Doctor first graced our TV screens! In honor of this momentous occasion, we thought that we would try something new: a retrospective on all of the Doctors! We love talking about them! They’re all fantastic, even Crotchety Grumpmire the First and Freakadoo Weirdson the Sixth (not their real names, obvs). So settle in, grab a gin and tonic, rum and Coke, or some dynamic combination thereof, and enjoy as we take you through all of space and time again for the first time.

A retrospective of this nature just wouldn’t be complete without some sort of visual element, so thankfully user Sam Vestey has compiled video of all the Doctors for this week’s WhoTube, “Celebrating 50 Years of American Doctor Who” - http://youtu.be/bCv5o7n_mtk

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082 – What Does Delphox Say?

Just because officially released information has slowed to a trickle doesn’t mean we can’t deliver Who news you can Who use! New monsters! New enemies! New-old monster-enemies! The recently revealed Ms. Delphox is described as the most sinister villain yet: a banker! Great social commentary there, writers, really stickin’ it to the man with that one. This episode also features another edition of our book corner, whimsically named The Who-ey Decimal System, in which Dave discusses The Humanism of Doctor Who by David Layton.  Lastly, we introduce a less fanciful new segment, It’s a DVD, covering the release of Second Doctor story Moonbase.

Delve into pop culture with this week’s WhoTube, “Top 10: Doctor Who References” by TARDISArchives: http://youtu.be/D7GxJEqrnO4

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081 – A Tangent Home Companion

There’s a new companion in our future, as you have probably already heard because it was announced a billionty weeks ago. I will now attempt to distract you from our tardiness with a bulleted list of topics discussed on this episode of the podcast:

  • New companion Danny Pink (pictured)
  • Companions in general
  • Doctor Who‘s schedule
  • Pros and cons of a changing fan base
  • Is Stephen Moffat going to leave because he’s a big whiner who says that he doesn’t have enough time to work on anything but Doctor Who even though there’s only like a dozen episodes a year and besides it’s his own fault that it takes so long anyway
  • Pants

Dave also introduces the Arrow of Time Book Corner, wherein he talks about Tiny Acts of Rebellion by Rich Fulcher.

And WhoTube this week is “Doctor Who – Love Don’t Die” from user LiveLikeHeroes:

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080 – Clothing Time

Like the ebb and flow of the tides, a new Doctor is regularly carried to our television shores.  With him comes a number of changes: a new personality, new stories, even new companions, but perhaps most importantly, a new title sequence outfit.  This week we take a break from not making podcasts to examine Peter Capaldi’s wardrobe choices, and some of those other things I mentioned, probably.

If it’s your birthday, then you’re in luck, as our WhoTube from user ilovemymaiden will sing Happy Birthday to you “Doctor Who Style!” - http://youtu.be/qHU_bE9A8vo

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079 – Steven Moffat is a Hack (revisited)

At the Arrow of Time, we may have given Steven Moffat a bit of grief from time to time about his tenure as showrunner. Oh, who are we kidding… If there was a drinking game where you took a drink every time we said “Steven Moffat is a hack,” we’d be responsible for many a hangover! In light of recent events, we think that we may have been unfair to Moffat. Spoilers: we have concluded that a number of his recent episodes are in fact quite good, so this week we pay credit where it is due.

Also in the episode, we said we’d link to this Nerdcubed episode where Moffat says some things about future episodes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JeCM7LiThEs

And we have a doozie of a WhoTube episode called “Doctor Who: Every Story 1963-2013,” a 50th Anniversary update from BabelColour: http://youtu.be/rxmXrOPYirI


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078.5 – Why Is Everyone Wearing Scarves?


For this Half we take a break from mourning the 11th and go back to a happier time.  One episode back, exactly.  Matt sits down once again with Kate and Kelley to reminisce about what the theatrical experience of the 50th was like.  Everything from the on screen trivia to the intense fans who answered the call  (but didn’t answer the call of routine bathing).  So grab your mail order sonic screwdriver, pull up those TARDIS leggings from Hot Topic, and glue that egg beater on to your homemade Dalek costume, ’cause we’re about to take you to the epicenter of the multiplex.

In case you didn’t get a chance to catch it in theaters, here is a clip of the fun theater etiquette with Strax followed by the “put your glasses on” speech that the Doctor gives, that way you won’t be in the dark, or you will be, I don’t know how it works for movies…

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078 – Don We Now Our No Apparel

You know that dream where you go to church, but make the beginner’s mistake of not wearing clothes? Well hold on to your trousers, because it just became The Most Awkward Doctor Who Plot Device, Ever! In the ostensible Christmas special “The Time of the Doctor,” Steven Moffat borrows heavily from everything he’s ever written and some things he hasn’t, and then throws in a dash of implied/not-so-implied nudity just to angry up the fans. Christmas is in jeopardy (the town, not the holiday), all of his enemies have returned, and the Doc’s running around starkers! This really is a weird thing to be focusing on around Christmas (the holiday, not the town).

Our fully dressed WhoTube this week has Kelsey Kronenberg bringing us “doctor who last christmas” - http://youtu.be/BGmyRAPNvt8

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