098 – Wait Wait… Don’t Kill Me!

Are you my mummy?  Ha ha, no, seriously.  I seem to have misplaced it.  I think I left it on a train.  In space!  Hopefully our “Mummy on the Orient Express” podcast will help jog my memory. Let’s see, we’ve got talk of guest stars, an odd disdain for Foxes, herring both red and otherwise, and even some mention of the plot… but nothing about my mummy. Oh well, it always finds its way home after a light killing spree.

This week Dave Has a Book and it is Ticket to Ride by Dennis Potter. [Ed. Note: Insert Harry Potter joke here.]

Our WhoTube is both Who and Tube this week with “Chameleon Circuit – The Big Bang 2 music video” from user willis epic: http://youtu.be/jsFleDHX3G4

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097 – 99 Problems but the Moon Ain’t One

Who would think that something called “Kill the Moon” would lead to the most contentious episode of the Arrow of Time yet? Thrill as we examine the merits of metaphor! Thrill some more as we dissect sloppy science! Thrill yet again as we debate minutiae most people completely ignore!  It’s just like our usual podcasts, but with more yelling!

This week Dave blows up the book Making History: A Novel by Stephen Fry, by which I mean he calmly discusses it.

If you’re looking for one more thrill! our WhoTube is Leon Hughes’s “Doctor Who vs the Universe” – http://youtu.be/M9BUlT_TTHo

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096 – A Pink Shaped Plot Hole

School is back in session and it’s time yet again to do what any good Time Lord would do… infiltrate the campus under the guise of a member of the faculty or staff (this time it’s staff)!  Join Joseph, Matt, Gabe and Dave as they traverse the potential story arcs and one slim possible plot hole of “The Caretaker,” as well as an impromptu cat fight. It will spin you around so much you might need an air sick bag for the TARDIS!  (Which is kind of a series plot for Karen Gillan’s new show.)  So let’s set our watches to invisible as we ignite this new episode of The Arrow of Time!

For all your booking needs, check out Dave’s choicest of novels by the rarely-mentioned-on-the-podcast Douglas Adams, and his book Last Chance to See.

For your WhoTube, check out Tick Tock Goes The Clock by speakerwiggin: http://youtu.be/3vmYu30XacA

And don’t forget to check out our podcast and others on The Musings Of A Geek Podcast Network!

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095 – Bank to the Future

We were all set to plan our next heist, but we got distracted by Doctor Who and beer. Still, we did uncover the answer to the second oldest question in the universe: What does Delphox say? At least, I think we did. For the life of me, I can’t seem to remember! It’s a good thing we recorded a podcast about “Time Heist,” or we’d really be up a creek. Also, what is this horrifying worm thing doing here?

This week’s Book by Mail is Driving Jarvis Ham by Jim Bob. Just Jim Bob. As in Bob. Jim Bob.

Do we have a WhoTube, you ask? Yes, yes we do. It is “Doctor Who Fanvid – Through the Kaleidoscope of Time (Tenth Doctor)” by DiarFar: http://youtu.be/EDA4lipbG2A

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094 – Don’t Even Listen

Some creatures evolve to have perfect hunting. Some get perfect defense. Here at the Arrow of Time we have evolved perfect drinking. Whilst practicing that trait we watch “Listen” and join the Doctor in wondering if anything has perfected hiding (Harry Potter seems pretty good, but that’s a different podcast). Will Steven Moffat succeed in overcoming his hackery, or will this be Season Leaf Part Two? The verdict: three out of four podcasters agree that this is an episode to experience while hiding behind your soda. I mean sofa. I mean beer.

For this week’s book thing, Dave brings us The Island of the Day Before by Umberto Eco.

Our WhoTube is “Doctor Who – Listen – Never Gonna Leave This Bed” and once again comes from K9humpsmyleg: http://youtu.be/73hq8VLRxeM

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093 – Robin Hood: Robots in Tights

Robin Hood and Little John running through the TARDIS, Oo-De-Lally, Oo-De-Lally, golly what a day!  And golly what a podcast!  The four are once again reunited to talk about “Robot of Sherwood.” The episode, not the one robot, because there were several robots.  I think that might be false advertising.  I’m not sure, but what I do know is that we spat out quite a podcast, in record time for an episode. We might as well be splitting arrows here!

The WhoTube is once again from K9HumpsMyLeg with the fantastic video wrapping up the episode called “Doctor Who – Robot Of Sherwood – Holding Out For A Hero” –

For Dave’s “Oh Book, So Book”, he recommends you pick up Parzival: Wolfram Von Eschenbach.

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092 – Honey, I Shrunk the Doctor

Have you ever wondered what a Dalek is really made of?  I mean besides hate and Nikelodeon Gak.  Well the Doctor attempts to answer that question by going “Into the Dalek,” having a full and complete break down in the process.  In the absence of Joseph and Gabe we are joined by the always entertaining team of Santiago and Sarah. So fire up those amazing shrinking machines and get your copy books ready as Moffat takes us someplace we’ve never been before, or ever really wanted to go in the first place.

Dave’s choice for our I Don’t Know What To Call This Book Segment segment is Kurt Vonnegut’s Slapstick, or Lonesome No More, which has exactly as many titles as it sounds!

The WhoTube this week is once again from Doctor Who Episology sensation K9HumpsMyLeg with “Doctor Who – Into The Dalek – Monster” – http://youtu.be/q3qiGUVJWxw

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