103 – Cybering Danny Pink

This week on the Arrow of Time we do a stumble through (literally) of the Doctor Who series 8 finale, “Death In Heaven.”  To make this grand finale more grand we decided to double the amount of people on the podcast to a whopping eight!  Join Joseph, Matt, Gabe and Dave, as they are joined by Kirby, Conrad, Sean, and the ever delightful Ivan.  Was breaking their four person limit a mistake?  …Or the BEST decision ever!!!  You decide!

For your WhoTube pleasure, check out K9HumpsMyLeg’s endearing send up to the end of the series, “Doctor Who – Death In Heaven/Dark Water – Born To Die” –  http://youtu.be/BMDcWfaB57E

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102 – Clara Unhinged

Out of all of the reveals to come from “Dark Water,” the biggest has to be that people don’t know who the Master is. They obviously don’t listen to our podcast! If they did, they might even know who the Rani is, and share our disappointment at Moffat’s tendency to reintroduce new things. Still, we don’t have much bad to say about this penultimate episode. And of course, since the story is a two-parter, speculation abounds once more! What will the big finale twist be? Clara is the Doctor? The Doctor is the Master!? Everything is exactly as it seems!?! Yeah, probably.

This week Dave brings us two books for our You Can’t Have Two Books segment, Counter-Clock World by Philip K. Dick and Time’s Arrow by Martin Amis.

And you’ll be in hog heaven with Matt’s WhoTube, “Doctor Who – The 12 Doctors Alternative Trailer #2″ by Takeabow2: http://youtu.be/PsFa_n4s-3s

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101 – Childrenesque

Just what we needed, an episode that features one of our “favorite” things, right up there with the production “style” of Steven “Moffat.” “In the Forest of the Night” starts off on the right foot with a William Blake reference, but then quickly becomes full of children, likely with sticky Jammie Dodger hands. There are also lots and lots of trees (at least four), but mostly nothing happens, so we end up speculating wildly about the next episode.  Missy is the Rani? The Rani is the Master!? Clara is Handles!?! We’ve got to be right someday!

For Mogli‘s Fantastic Book Break, Dave brings us the obvious once again with Songs of Innocence and of Experience by William Blake. Check it out at Project Gutenberg!

For this week’s spooooky BooTube we have “Doctor Who – Can You Hear Them?” from user 2Scribble: http://youtu.be/-u9KcSKyMZw

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099 – Out-Moffating Moffat

The new guy is two for two! Jamie Mathieson quickly shoots up the Doctor Who episode writing charts with “Flatline!” Sure, this may have one of those this-has-never-happened-before- except-the-time-it-did type situations, but he’s just channeling Moffat. And for all of Stevie-boy’s big talk, Matheison actually delivers monsters that make you run for the back of the couch! The metaphorical couch. In your mind. We don’t own a couch.

Dave’s It’s a Book Dave for this podcast is the obvious one for once, Flatland by Edwin Abbott Abbott. That is not a typo. Check it out at Project Gutenberg!

This week’s WhoTube reaches back all the way to the bygone era of 2006, with Calapine’s “Zombie (a Doctor Who fanvid)” – http://youtu.be/abSzx3O9awA

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098 – Wait Wait… Don’t Kill Me!

Are you my mummy?  Ha ha, no, seriously.  I seem to have misplaced it.  I think I left it on a train.  In space!  Hopefully our “Mummy on the Orient Express” podcast will help jog my memory. Let’s see, we’ve got talk of guest stars, an odd disdain for Foxes, herring both red and otherwise, and even some mention of the plot… but nothing about my mummy. Oh well, it always finds its way home after a light killing spree.

This week Dave Has a Book and it is Ticket to Ride by Dennis Potter. [Ed. Note: Insert Harry Potter joke here.]

Our WhoTube is both Who and Tube this week with “Chameleon Circuit – The Big Bang 2 music video” from user willis epic: http://youtu.be/jsFleDHX3G4

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097 – 99 Problems but the Moon Ain’t One

Who would think that something called “Kill the Moon” would lead to the most contentious episode of the Arrow of Time yet? Thrill as we examine the merits of metaphor! Thrill some more as we dissect sloppy science! Thrill yet again as we debate minutiae most people completely ignore!  It’s just like our usual podcasts, but with more yelling!

This week Dave blows up the book Making History: A Novel by Stephen Fry, by which I mean he calmly discusses it.

If you’re looking for one more thrill! our WhoTube is Leon Hughes’s “Doctor Who vs the Universe” – http://youtu.be/M9BUlT_TTHo

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096 – A Pink Shaped Plot Hole

School is back in session and it’s time yet again to do what any good Time Lord would do… infiltrate the campus under the guise of a member of the faculty or staff (this time it’s staff)!  Join Joseph, Matt, Gabe and Dave as they traverse the potential story arcs and one slim possible plot hole of “The Caretaker,” as well as an impromptu cat fight. It will spin you around so much you might need an air sick bag for the TARDIS!  (Which is kind of a series plot for Karen Gillan’s new show.)  So let’s set our watches to invisible as we ignite this new episode of The Arrow of Time!

For all your booking needs, check out Dave’s choicest of novels by the rarely-mentioned-on-the-podcast Douglas Adams, and his book Last Chance to See.

For your WhoTube, check out Tick Tock Goes The Clock by speakerwiggin: http://youtu.be/3vmYu30XacA

And don’t forget to check out our podcast and others on The Musings Of A Geek Podcast Network!

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