126.5 – Brexit and Doctor Who

DT TweetsIn this incredibly topical Time and a Half, Matt is joined by actual UK citizen Claudine, as they talk about the results of the recent EU Referendum versus the themes in Doctor Who.

Check out the mentioned NSFW video of David Tennant reading angry Scottish Tweets here: https://youtu.be/0nTrs-HuuUc

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You can also listen to this episode on YouTube at: https://youtu.be/Ju-PUEwIyOU

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126 – Lost in Transition

Matt is joined once again by the ever clever Rachel, as they discuss the companions that bridged one Doctor to another.  They also spend a considerable amount of time talking about Legos.

The WhoTube this week is a very masterful homage by the always Trockin’ Legs Nose Robinson, with their song “Clara (A Pretty Woman Parody) Tribute to Ms. Clara Oswald.”  https://youtu.be/m7mIeOC5sBw

If you enjoyed the WhoTube and our theme song “Dose of the Doctor,” both of them were composed by Trock band Legs Nose Robinson, who you can check out here: http://www.legsnoserobinson.com/

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125 – The Moff Moves On


It’s a new year and a fresh new void of Doctor Who episodes.  Luckily for us a whole lot of news has been popping up and your plucky friends at The Arrow of Time are here to talk about it.  Join Matt, Gabe, and special guest Rachel as they discuss Moffat, our future leader Chris Chibnall, and Chibnall based entertainment.  It’s a WHOOOT!

Our WhoTube this week is a chilling venture, highlighting the more frighting moments of Doctor Who, titled “Doctor Who Horror Story” by user Voordeel.  https://youtu.be/ssHvW_dW76o

Our website pic came all the way from Deviant Art user Psycho7772

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124 – Mr. and Mrs. Who

Christmas is a time for loved ones, special memories and Doctor Who. Usually, Doctor Who Christmas specials come with a bit of death, and “The Husbands of River Song” doesn’t disrupt the status quo. At least this time they were mostly bad guys that got coal for Christmas. Spoilers! To unwrap our thoughts just listen to Matt, Joseph and Gabe delve into the tangled history (and future) of the Doctor and River, whether or not humans can become Time Lords and Ladies and how days can seem like years on Dirillium. We might also give some props to a certain show runner. Don’t make puddles… everything will be alright.

First we have “River Song Fan Music Video” by Richard Pearce (https://youtu.be/szc_3raxwuE). Then we add some spice with “Peppermint Winter Doctor Who” by SparkyDragonSlayer (https://youtu.be/eU4yYv2q_2A).

You can also listen to our podcast on YouTube at: https://youtu.be/4nXSnNFU0jk

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123 – The Season of Hybrids

double-dareAnother year, another series, another podcast where we gather together and talk about what we’ve been talking about for the past several months already.  In this the season of The Hybrid, Matt, Joseph, Gabe, and Susan act as your personal audio tour guides through a series of two-parters, replicas, and twinsies.

Your WhoTube, “Doctor Who: Clara Oswald Farewell (Series 9) – Tribute Trailer” by user It’s Smaller On The Outside, is a beautifully brilliant summation of Series 9 with a focus on Clara:  https://youtu.be/LQdGe8_6INw

If you like our theme song and want to see what other brilliant things Legs Nose Robinson has been working on, you can visit their website here http://legsnoserobinson.com/

You can also listen to our podcast on YouTube at: http://youtu.be/VtCWraJNWnI

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122 – The Big Goodbye

We’ve all heard the expression that saying goodbye is hard to do. That is especially true for a certain Time Lord we all know and love. In the series nine finale, “Hell Bent,” we look at the Doctor and his literal trek to the ends of time to try to save his friend. Along the way, we have to deal with Moffat’s potty mouth, Rassilon’s consistent badness, and [the most important question] of how on Earth Clara and Me can get away with a TARDIS disguised as an American diner if they go to Ancient Egypt. Timeless questions for the pocket time traveler.

This week, our WhoTube is “Twelve & Clara: Immortality is everyone else dying” by Rose (not Tyler):  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHJhYhjJ00E

You can listen to our podcast on YouTube at: http://youtu.be/wUmWXM0YSo0

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Review: Hell Bent – The Doctor, Clara and the Never Ending Story

By: Gabe @nospokenwords

All things must end. It is an axiom accepted by scientists, philosophers, Mister Spock and our own dear Clara Oswald. It is not a sentiment shared by the Doctor. At least not this Doctor, this time. At its core, “Hell Bent” is an episode about Doc 12 and his assertion that “summer never has to end” if you steal a time machine.

On first viewing, “Hell Bent” seemed like a mess, tied together loosely by scenes of the Doctor telling a story to a woman who looks like Clara. However, subsequent viewings and consideration reveal that this is an episode that has a lot of meat and manages to succeed in spite of itself and the musings of writer extraordinaire Steven Moffat.

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