088.5 – FanVid Film School

In this very international episode of The Arrow of Time and a Half, Matt defies the law of time zones and talks with FanVid Veteran Claudine Harper, or as some of you may know her on YouTube, DoctorDoggmatic.  They discuss the sensation of “FanVids,” Claudine’s personal start as a “vidder,” and tips for making your own videos.  So grab your favorite video ripping software and take notes, class is in session with The Arrow of Time!

You can find Claudine’s videos here:




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088 – Re-Failed. (Series 8 Trailer Breakdown)

Rampaging Rassilon!  They finally came out with a Series 8 Trailer!  Well you can bet buttons to boots that we’ll break it down and try to extract everything we can from it like a dollar dentist on a dare!  And we do.  We also take a fan suggestion and do a run down of some of the trippier episodes well suited for when you’ve got the munchies.  So grab your bag of Crunch ‘n Munch and trip out with the circus of oddities that is the Arrow of Time!

Dave’s choice for our Book Around You segment is Stanisław Lem’s Solaris, which doesn’t have nearly as much George Clooney as it sounds!

And for all you WhoTubers the WhoTube for this episode is “Doctor Who – The Twelve Doctors” by MysteronAgent : http://youtu.be/W8C56MrjJJE

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087 – Game of Phones

In lieu of actual Doctor Who content, the Beeb keeps releasing dismally short, mental teasers and iconic spoilers. You can be sure we will dissect these to the point of unrecognition, thus shielding you, gentle listener, from their effect. Also, we discuss a Buzzfeed quality list and a groovy game, Doctor Who Legacy.

Dave’s choice for our Through the Booking Glass segment is Joseph Campbell’s The Hero with a Thousand Faces, which doesn’t have nearly as many faces as it sounds!

This week’s WhoTube is “Perfect Halo – Doctor Who fanvid” from user Lanarien: http://youtu.be/yRG_pWrPdjk

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086 – Mental and Iconic

With a dearth of Who news out there on the webosphere, we thought that we would need to work extra hard to deliver our usual timely(?) and informative(??) podcast. We should’ve know that we had nothing to worry about. What starts as a slow boil quickly leaves the confines of the pot as we jump from topic to topic, some of them even about Doctor Who! Our promise to you, gentle viewers, is this: neither snow nor rain nor drought of news will stay us from our daily… uh, weekly… um… We’ll keep doing podcasts.

Dave’s choice for our Bookmark of the Rani segment is Umberto Eco’s The Infinity of Lists, which isn’t nearly as long as it sounds!

Get ready to trock with this week’s WhoTube, “The Oncoming Storm” by Legs Nose Robinson: http://youtu.be/C4MPunubrnc

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085.5 – How to Classic

Hey it’s time for another “Time and a Half”!  In this episode Matt and Kelley talk about how a new Who-er can safely traverse the multitude of classic episodes and not be overwhelmed with filler like repeated check-ins in to see if Barbara and Ian are OK, onscreen fiddling with ropes, or shopping for cat food for 10 minutes.  This is a beginners guide to classic Who.  Enjoy!

Also here are a few things we refer to:



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085 – Don’t Put Margarine in Your Eyes

A famous person once said that the only constant is change. Being the hack original thinker that he is, Steven Moffat has taken up that mantra and vows to shake things up in Series Eight. We discuss this, a (decidedly short) brand new teaser trailer, some upcoming guest stars who have never been on the show before, the first musician to ever be in an episode and loads more! In keeping with the change theme, we also introduce some new tangents! 

Dave’s choice for our Book Nook segment is QI’s Book of the Dead, which isn’t nearly as depressing as it sounds!

This week’s WhoTube features the new Matt Smith, aka Jake Dunsbridge, performing a scene from the Time of the Doctor. Spoilers: the kid’s good. www.youtube.com/watch?v=llJPKvQklzs

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084 – Selfie

It’s been too long since we all sat around and mused about our second favorite show (after Mister Rogers, of course), so we decided to record the latest breaking news. Unfortunately, we are posting this about a week late, so it is just news and one flat out inaccuracy (80% wrong). There are at least three spoilers about what we talk about on this page.

If you like Superman, check out our friends at Arkham Social Hour!

For this week’s WhoTube, we wanted to share “goodbye, sweetie” from PrettyInPink375.

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